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Terms & Conditions

By dealing with Servimage Print you agree to accept and bound unconditionally to all the general terms stated by Servimage Print and its general guidelines used currently in printing services in terms of orders and provided services.


Any order submitted through the website of Servimage Print cannot be validated until receiving the confirmationof acceptation in terms of availability, prices and faisybility from Servimage Print.


All the materials provided in the website including contents, graphics, tools, apps and software, but not only, are under intellectual property protection of Servimage Print with no permission of use under any circumstances by the customers or other parties unless expressly authorized by Servimage Print.


Any order submitted to Servimage Print by the customerfor printing is supposed to have all the permissions by the content owner to be executed for production, modification and distribution  by Servimage Print. In addition, Servimage Print have the right , in its sole discretion, to refuse to execute any job submitted by the customer in violation of the terms and conditions of Servimage Print or for any  such job including inapropriate content.  By submitting such job, the customer agree that Servimage Print will have no liabilityrelated to the the refusal made by Servimage Print.

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